Learn about authentic hula during your vacation here in paradise!

Hawaii Hula Lesson - Learn authentic hula dancing taught by a kumu hula here in paradise|Hawaiian Culture @Aloha Best Study ENJPKRCN
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We welcome vacationers from around the world to learn about the culture and hula of Hawai'i, no matter the length of your stay!

Learn about authentic Hawaiian culture during your vacation here in paradise!
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Kumuhula:Kehau Tigar
  Taught by kumu Paunani Alama, Tigar has forty years of dancing experience. She currently teachers hula at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, and dances hula for Hawai'i's one and only Royal Hawaiian Band.
Hawai'i Hula Lesson - kumu hula : Kehau Tigar
I have always had a special ALOHA for Hula and the culture that is associated with this unique dance. The hula is life that surrounds us, the love for the land, the aloha for the people, specialness of each flower, the sun, moon, stars, sky, wind, rain, our mountains, the ocean. Our everyday life is surrounded by all of these elements and how each plays an important aspect in our lives. By sharing this rich culture through hula, I feel we can touch our community in a unique and engaging way. - Kehau Tigar
Hawai'i Hula Lesson - Our Kumu Hula

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