Learn about authentic hula during your vacation here in paradise!

Hawaii Hula Lesson - Learn authentic hula dancing taught by a kumu hula here in paradise|Hawaiian Culture @Aloha Best Study ENJPKRCN
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We welcome vacationers from around the world to learn about the culture and hula of Hawai'i, no matter the length of your stay!

Learn about authentic Hawaiian culture during your vacation here in paradise!
Hawai'i Hula Lessons
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Hawai'i Hula Lesson Authentic hula lessons taught by our kumu hula
Hawai'i Hula Lessons
The spirit of hula was once created as a form of devotion for the Hawaiian gods and goddesses. The unique and indigenous spirit of the dance still remains in modern day Hawai'i, along with it's ancient mythologies and legends. Taught by kumu hulas, or the teacher of hula, learn how to authentically dance hula in the land where it originated.
*Hula lessons available for short term stays!

Authentic hula lessons taught kumu hulas available from a minimum of three days, three hours a day! If your stay is less than twelve weeks, there is no need to apply for a VISA so please take this opportunity to enjoy your life in Hawaii and learn about it's culture! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Hawai'i Hula Lessons
From those who want to casually learn to dance hula, to those who aspire to become a kumu hula.
Hawaii Hula lesson
Hawai'i Hula Lesson
The Hawaiians have inhabited on the islands of Hawai'i long before it had been discovered by the explorers. Becoming one with the aina, meaning "the land" in Hawaiian, the people of Hawai'i were always surrounded by the beautiful nature and the gifts the island has to offer.

In Hawaiian, the word ”hula” means to dance. Instead of using words to express emotions and feelings, they relied on the art of dance to do so. The people of Hawai'i used their hands and feet to speak to the gods and goddesses of Hawai'i.

The spirit of hula and it's mythologies and legends are still passed down to this day, for generations to come.
Our Kumu Hula
■Hawai'i Hula Instructor Course
[Minimum 8 years experience, able to practice for 3 days, 3 hours a day]
This course is for those who teach hula, or those who aspire to use their hula experience to become a kumu hula. Must have at least eight years of hula experience, and be able to practice for a minimum of three days, and three hours a day. Brush up on your teaching and dancing skills taught by a kumu hula of Hawai'i!
*Hula instructor lesson (for one person) $250/hour
*First day pick-up to studio (Required for those in Waikiki) $50
The price includes teaching materials, CD, and studio fees. It does not include gifts for the kumu hula.
Please contact us with the following: the amount of students, their names, years of experience in hula, whether it's kahiko or auana, and the song title.
Please let us know ahead of time as we need to confirm the kumu hula's schedule. These lessons are private lessons.
Q: What are the hula lessons like?
A: Because these hula lessons are private lessons and unique to each class, we do not have a break down of what the classes are like. Please let us know the type of hula you are interested in such as kahiko, auana, ipu, chanting, etc. to make the hula lessons special for you and your group!
*Hawaiian History & Culture Lessons by Kumu Hula 
*History and Culture Lessons $100/hour

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